Sunday, March 25, 2007

Need, Its Power & the Feelings

As humans, we always have a need.. everytime we fulfill our basic needs, we always crave for higher n higher needs.. Need can defined as the 'physiological or pyschological requirement for the well-being of an organism'. I would define every need as possessing some strange power hidden within. Power, in this case, would be the power of this need that can affect the feelings of a human. This power is a pure perception of the human mind, but holds reasonable accolades with respect to the feelings attached with the need.

Complex..?? Naah.. For keeping it simple, every need can be either satifisfied or would require some time to fulfill. For eg. A need like buying a chocolate, you might have a specific need for Cadbury but because of Stock out, you might end up buying a Kit – kat rather. In this example, the need of a Cadbury had very little power and could not affect your feelings because of may be you could do away with the other option available, Kit – Kat. Also, This need was fulfilled very quickly due to its easy availability & also available options. Wow.. that was simple, isn’t it.. Cadbury nahin toh Kit Kat hi sahi… But figure this out…
You like a girl, oh.. I cannot say she is a need, but to respect the scope of this chimera let me say she is your need. Is there any alternative?? Probably not incase you care for her very much. Well what happens in this case, the power of your need is so much that it affects your feelings. This need if not fulfilled will surely affect the feelings. In other words, the more the power of the need, want or desire, the more the affect seen on the feelings attached to it.

For better functionality of the explanation, I provided a need for a girl you like, the same may be expressed for a need, say, a car, a laptop, also would carry the similar power ranges. For me, they would be certainly below than the power of the need expressed in the example.

Finally, stressing again on saying that Power of the need is a pure perception of the mind which affects the Feelings attached with that particular need. Alternatives to a particular need would always help keep down the power of that need, which would indeed help in keeping the Feelings low.

But does every Need have alternatives.. !!

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Writing to my blog after almost a month, but found quite a strange topic to write on.. This topic has been lingering around in my mind from quite some time now.. I would like to share my thoughts on Expectations - the only thing that one expects out of the person in front of him, and which can change the whole relation.

"Expectation" - One word which has the capability to change the thinking of a person with regards to another person.... Expectations can change the whole perspective of the relation that the person has with the person in front.

Expectations are always present in the human mind.. A person always unknowingly expects the person in front of him/her to behave in a certain manner..

When was the last time you did expect something from a person ? You might not remember it.. Its natural... It could be friend of yours cursing you for not calling up for the past 2 days.. it could be you who was expecting a call from a friend but doesnt in the end turn up...

Does that make you think what could have made him/her not call you up ?? The next day you might end up shouting at that person for not calling.. In every case, its not possible to shout at the other person... In this example, I took a very simple case in almost everybodies life.. But somewhere this expectation carries a weight with it..

Another example might be, Your boss expected from you to complete a specific task, if u complete it or not eitherways it shows up directly on your impression on your boss..

Expectations always come in bundles, you never know .. These bundles are sometimes small thus not affecting the relation, but the otherways affecting you or your relationship with the person you kept your expectations on.

Expectations sometimes kill good relations !! Never Expect Anything out of your relationship with others !! Never expect a friend to act in a particular manner unless otherways .. The best relation, according to me, would be between the persons who do not expect anything from each other..!! Thats the best way to a strong relationship..!!