In a nutshell
stand tall, height 6'2".. in other words, The world (not all) looks up to me and i look down.. Friendly by nature with one weakness of trusting anyone in this world.. Would like to crack jokes and make evryone smile.. Smile and make the whole world a better place to live..! and also remember.. For the world you are someone, But for someone you are the World...

Why this Blog
Years ago I found myself in a situation which could have been better if I had not spoken some words, hurting one of my good friend. It took me those many years from childhood, till that day to understand that until and unless one realizes what the other feels on what we do, we would continue to behave in our own ways. Since we live in a world where we need other people to be around us in the form of Parents, Friends, Life partner etc I thought its necessary to understand what others feel before we blurt something or act bad in front of them. This blog is an effort to make myself realize as well as someone else too, if needed.

Other Blogs
This blog has been now completely moved to a new domain and a service provider. Do check it out at Moments of Contemplation