Saturday, August 08, 2009

Pacifying Yourself !

There are 2 things humans have created to pacify themselves in this world. Each and every person in his life sees times when he is down,depressed and has the whole world against him. At such times does he give up, does he fight back or keeps going as the water flows in a river ? Frankly speaking, I would not know what would he do in such a case.. would purely depend on individual preferences..

But according to my observations of the world what I have seen, man has himself developed / believed in certain things which keep him afloat above all the depressions he has in his life. Those things would help him get out of the same. Would certainly like to say that it is " believed " that those things would help him get out of those depressions.. Those couple of things are
1. God

2. Destiny / Luck - whatever u call they are the same

God is our ultimate belief.. we always attribute our happiness as well as sadness to God. We always say whatever happens is for the best because God has decided that for us. We always pray to god, in our good times as well as bad times. Does our prayers get answered ?

For destiny, we have heard many people or I myself have cursed or praised my luck several times !! "It must have been written in my destiny" is what most of the people end up saying. Isnt it ?


Ashutosh said...

I think the most important thing is belief in self. Self belief can provide the biggest motivation to push one self forward even in most adverse conditions.

Good thoughts. Keep probing.


kirti said...

yes sure God is the Ultimate...but God is our strong virtual
the nearest and most real people are our parents and our whom our God is...
their support, love, trust in our potentials...told or untold...heard or unheard...can bring us out of any disaster/depression...or simply help us move only in forward direction in life... :)

- Kirti...