Monday, September 06, 2010

Shock Abs: Need of the time

Just as Shock Absorbers in a car help reduce the effect of bad roads, some of them installed in our minds would surely help a lot in maintaining relationships..

As we drive on the road, we consciously or unconsciously avoid the big potholes (which are common in Mumbai) to avoid the sudden discomfort caused to us. There are eventually such incidents, where you cant control from pulling over the pothole and in the course cause discomfort to yourself and all the passengers. In our real lives, we come across such situations quite often where we face some potholes and the same if we don't avoid, can cause discomfort.

In a relationship, may it be any - parents, friends, loved ones, there are many times when we feel bad about something, it may be the actions or words, it certainly disturbs you somewhere deep within you. It may not be something which was intended to be done but was purely coincidental and done in a rage. We humans many a time say or do a lot in rage of something. We are connected with a lot of things in our lives and any change in that might affect our mental balance. At such times, we wont think of what we are doing or what we say but at the end of the day someone's hearing us and someone's being affected by that. What the whole phenomenon does is, it affects the relationship.

In this article, I would like put forth an understanding where we can try to keep a cushion or a shock absorber within our selves for such kind of events. The moment when someone says something bad or unacceptable, it would surely have some reason behind it, some kind of rage which is making that person do so. If we as the second person, or the person who is on the listening side, stays calm and tries to understand what is causing the first person to do so, life can really be a lot simpler. Pre-judging or assuming do bring in a lot of misunderstandings and might harm the whole fortress of the relationship. If in any brawl or argument between two persons in this world has atleast one of them with his head calm, the relationship would surely survive. It would be like a half won war when with a calm head. In today's world, we have so many tensions and stresses' that keep going up every day and those moments where one would do something in the fit of rage is highly probable.

So, while driving, just as we avoid or ignore the discomfort caused by the pothole on the road and carry on with the road ahead, we take a lesson that we should take the road ahead in any relationship even we face some kind of potholes which would lead to discomfort...