Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Rock On - The bollywood movie

The Bollywood movie "Rock On" rocks.. a must see !!

It was a hectic week in office, and I was already dreaming of going back to a good sleep. My friends suddenly came up with this plan to go for this movie.. that too a late night show.. phew !! I could not imagine what I could have missed I had not joined them on this show.. !!

This movie simply goes by its Title - it simply rocks.. Based on a group of guys who had a band (a rock band) out of sheer passion and had even won a Channel V contest to bag a cool music album sponsorship... what happens next ? I would like to leave that for the time when you yourself would see it in the cinema hall...

Finally, a great story directed very well... Shankar ehsaan loy has yet again given good numbers suiting to the film.. Lyrics could have been better but who listens to lyrics in rock songs.. !! oh did I hear that you dont like rock music ?? But chill .. even I dont like it still now .. but i love those numbers in Rock On.. those are simply awesome...

A story with love, friendship emotions and yes of course the rock music all mixed very well to create a masterpiece

I would simply give a "MUST SEE" rating to it..