Sunday, May 02, 2010

Assume data wherever necessary

It a common rule in most of the academic papers we write, atleast in engineering papers, where they mention a rule "Assume suitable data wherever necessary" which subtly means that they should not be blamed in case there are any discrepancies in data sufficiency!! I suppose they have kept that as a template as I was never surprised to find that rule mentioned even in theory papers !! Leave apart the education system, I had never thought that really applied in real life, of course, not in all cases.

Did I surprise you, may be not, its pretty much a fact of life. We assume suitable things here and there before checking them and even before realizing what impact would it have on the relationships surrounding you.But we are comfortable assuming things. The moment we get some what comfortable with new people around us, we tend to assume things about them before they are actually clarified. There are many times when you assume things even after being in a relation for a long time and may be times when you dont even know the person. Now how many people have assumed Priyanka chopra is a great person by nature even before knowing her??

Remember the last time, when you saw your boss shouting at your colleague at something and you assumed that he was arrogant, cruel etc etc. But the next time you confronted him he was all not that bad !! Personally speaking, I really did go through the example mentioned above at my workplace. That was about your boss, he is meant to be arrogant at times, just to meet the company targets. Lets understand how that might be when we talk about someone like a friend, a relative. A friend of yours who is really short tempered, does it make him/her really bad at heart. Naah,Wrong thing to assume !! Many a times people might behave different in the situations they face in life and would be heavily characterized by their daily mood, problems issues faced in life etc. I personally have asked a friend of mine if he had a bad day that day after he scolded me once, and he really did have a bad day... But it was really good for him to open up and let me know the reasons or else my stupid mind would have assumed many things about him that day and maybe that would have seriously affected our friendship !! That was the day when I really went by the motto "Dare to assume and care to understand"

Remember the next time you assume suitable things about your near and dear ones, they might really prove to be a dent in the relationship.. Thanks.

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Forest_ranger said...

Nice One !!

I had coined a one liner a few years ago

Assumption is the mother of all Fuck ups !! This note sort of concurs with that one