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Check out the slide show on diveagar snaps.. also at My Picassa Web albums

I would term this beach as a "Heaven on Earth". Frankly speaking, it was difficult to first grab the name of this place when one of our friends came to us and told about this beach, about two years back. The immediate reaction was to go out and explore this awesome place. And with our awesome expertise in planning the trips, a gang of 7 people were out on an adventure at 1900 hrs to an unknown place..

We started from Pune at about 2100 hrs (oh yes! we prefer night trips as it saves the whole day) with a white sumo. We had a fair idea of the road as narrated to us by the same friend. The road had to cross a dense forest ghat which is aptly called 'Tamhini Ghat', and the trip seemed to be fully loaded with surprises.

The sumo started trudging the ghat after about 2 hrs that we had been traveling. It was also the first trip to the amazing ghat in the Sahyadri range, even though it limited our visibility of the great heights in the plum darkness. The ghat is densely covered with greenery and the roads were still manageable with still less number of potholes as that compared with those in our city roads.

This time we were travelling in the winter and anyone who has been known Pune, can tell the intensity of the winters there. The fog that we had to dodge through was equally dense to the greenery that the ghat ensembles. At some sections of the ghat, the road ahead wasnt visible due to the dense fog, but we had to find our own way out and today we are still alive and kickin.. ;) The twists and turns enveloped with the greenery and the fog had already enthralled us, the heaven we were heading had to be something special..

We reached the Mumbai-Goa highway at about 0400 hrs and was a perfect time for the morning kadak chai, for those who enjoyed the ghat as well for those who enjoyed their siesta. The chai walah gave us the directions further and 'Diveagar' was still 2 hrs far from us. The beach falls about 40 kms from the Mumbai - Goa highway and again takes you through a jungle, this time at a level closer to the sea, and that actually helps you spot some creatures in the dark.. ..well what we could spot in all was an Owl :o .. The ghat road does not allow you to sleep in anticipation (even thanking those potholes)... The room we had already booked when we started the journey helped us settle down quickly when we finally reached the diveagar village, situated just besides the beach.. these rooms provide a good option to the absence of hotels in this area as this remains an unfazed tourist spot, with the room owners trying everybit of effort to ensure a good service, but yup at a price...!

After the morning refreshments, we had to dip in the waters.. for which we headed straight towards those refreshing sound of the waves.. (... which one would surely miss if s/he had to stay in pune ...). The water seemed to much better / cleaner than what one would find in other parts of the country, even putting behind the beaches of Goa.. As I mentioned, minimum number of tourists at this spot ensures a much more clean beach... a piece of plastic would be hard to spot and my plead would be to those people visiting there to ensure this cleanliness of the beach by refraining from littering..

After about 1-2 hrs in the water, the sun had started to trouble us with its intense heat and which in turn helped us swarm out of the waters to be back to our rooms, aptly waiting for the freshly prepared lunch with some local specialties. The food there is prepared by the room owners with specialties like the 'Modak' which is served with pure ghee.. trust me it tastes awesome.. for non-veggies, the fish varieties can be savored according to your choice...
The heavy lunch had made us feel lazy and everyone was bound to find the way to the bed, but as we had to leave for pune the same day, one of us took the charge to ensure no one falls asleep.. The en-route started at about 1600 hrs and we indeed had to go a long way back, especially after a good relaxing trip.

The trip back was filled with discussions on all the funny incidents at the trip. With this we all just could wrap those in our minds to be cherished for a lifetime.. not to mention, we all are going to miss each other and the fun we had together when we take the individual paths in our lives !!

Divegar - To reach there:
From Mumbai

By Road:
  • Take a diversion to the Mumbai-Goa Highway which falls after Panvel
  • The next diversion would be to 'Diveagar' about 100-120 kms from Mumbai and 14 kms before Murud Janjira
  • The further road diversions can be judged by the on-road hoardings
  • The road after diversion from Mumbai - goa highway would be around 40 kms
  • Local people prove to be helpful in many cases to reach the final destination in the village
No other transport is available to reach this place.. Heaven has only one gate...;)

From Pune
By Road:
  • Drive to Chandni Chowk and take the Paud road to make it to the Mulshi ghat and then the consequent Tamhini Ghat
  • The exit from Tamhini ghat on the Goa highway proves to be exactly in front of the Diveagar diversion
  • Remaining directions would be the same as above
  • Total Drive from Pune: about 120 Kms total

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Walk the extra mile..

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It all starts with the train slowing down well before the Borivali station, which gives the slightest of indications that the train might eventually land up on the Platform No. 8 at Borivali. The faces of the people traveling from the past one hour and having being at work whole day, start showing that irritating nature but actually cant do anything about it.

Borivali being the last stop on the Western line, is the destination for most of the commuters travelling all the way from Churchgate, which is a commercial hub and also the start point of the local train services. Now, when I say Platform No.8, you might be imagining all platforms to be parallel to each other, but eventually they are not. Initially, Borivali had total of 6 stations from years, and due to which all transport services concentrate around these stations. Due to some great planning by the Railway authorities, the 1st platform is extended to accommodate the 7th and the 8th platform. So actually saying, to reach the 8th platform, get down on the 1st platform and then walk towards the 8th, passing the 7th platform on your way.

Lets just see how much you need to walk to get back to the 1st platform, if the train unluckily drops you at the 8th platform..
Assume you are in the 8th wagon from the motorman (its the first class compartment, which I generally end up in)....
Your train length towards the 1st platform = 11 x 8 = 88 mts (an EMU is said to be about 10.5-11 mts long)
The safety distance between 2 platforms.. = assume to be around 25-30 mts..
Another 7th platform = 12 x 11 = 121 mts

Thats make the total distance.. oh ya.. hey wait.. we are still at the start of the 1st platform.. thers nothin there.. most of the transport is in the middle of 1st platform.. so add another = 30 + 60 mts = 90 mts

Now the total comes to = 330 mts.. Hmm.. quite a big number, if you are working the whole day and waiting for some good food to be served to you..
Also, these 2 platforms have only 1 exit on the west side, so 90 % people walk their way to the 1st platform..
And if both the platforms have trains dropping in the commuters consecutively, you not just cannot imagine the block that is formed at the entry of the 1st platform.. It more takes form of a rally with thousands of 'em participating.. You easily tend to lose on some minutes just waiting to get your chance of passing through the traffic jam..
Just waiting for the authorities to provide the commuters with some solution... But is it that scheduled in the near future or still waiting to get some more passengers... ???

<--- Bumper to bumper at 2100 hrs on the 7th Platform

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Trip to Matheran..

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Its always a happy mode when a student finishes his week long of tense exams and what could be more relieving than a trip plan to Matheran.. the heaven situated just 100 kms from Mumbai.
We, students at our college, decided to go for a trip after which all of them will go for one more stint in the corporate lives with an internship in respective companies. Matheran seemed to be the closest and best option we ought to choose.

Matheran, situated at 803 mt. above sea level is probably the only place, besides Venice in Italy from having banned the use of Motor vehicles in its permissible limits. This keeps Matheran absolutely free from pollution and well situated within dark green forests. Matheran was discovered in 1850s by the Britishers. The USP, as said in marketing terms of Matheran, is the Narrow Gauge (2.0 Ft wide) train popularly known as Toy Train, which was built by Sir Adamjee Peerbhoy in 1907 covers a distance of 20 Kms and consumes upto 1 hr 45 mins, taking you through the busy Mumbai - Pune route station Neral to the Forest engulfed Matheran.
The 3 hrs wait for taking that train to Matheran were spent by us lazily on Nerul Station in anticipation of the trip which would be attached with many memories. The train was pulled up on the station well before time which gave us ample time to snap memories in our camera.

The train has only 4 coaches and the charges are well below the normal taxi charge. The train finally chugged out of the station at the mentioned time with the driver and guard flurring the green flags.. the length of the train helps you clearly watch both the flags. The Train signaling system has still the old traditional manual systems and have been maintained over the years. It exchanges a ring which signals its arrival at 2 stations which it passes before reaching its destination. The train starts slowly climbing the hills, circling almost all the range surrounding Matheran. Beautiful scenes, the swirling track, the deep valleys and the some prevalent springs all mesmerize the 2 hrs journey to the top.

By the time we reached atop, it was almost dinner time and Matheran does not have much options but only an area where the restaurants are available,also eventually the only area where you get the mobile network. We directly stepped into the quite famous Khan's Hookahs and Tikkas restaurant. The only decent hotel, has a good ambience filled with fountains, cushions and music playing in the background. A hookah was ordered without any inspection of the menu card, the rest main course decision was a brain storming session with everybody's hungry stomachs affecting the decision making.

After a good and filling dinner, it was time for a walk back to the resort where bookings were already made by a batch of us who had arrived earlier in the day trekking all their way to the top, about 9 kms from Nerul station. A small visit in the dark jungle was amazing at that time, we were on our way to Khandala point, till the time everyone finished with their dinner. The only thing visible at that point, after all torches were turned off, was the moon that very well shined and no hindrances of pollution affecting its shining brightness.

In the next half an hour, we found ourselves in the resort looking and arranging for the rooms. The resort had a in house disco, and yes we were out there shaking a leg to the music. The DJ went on well till 11 in the night, as the resort was quite isolated to be heard by anyone.

The night was long with games like dumb charades and cards and alive with discussions for plan of the next day which would be eventually the last day in Matheran. The next morning started with a good hot water bath and good games of Carrom and Table tennis at the resort provided facilities, follow
ed by a good tea. The post tea saw us trekking our way to some of the points like Echo Point, Charlotte Lake and missing out on points like One tree hill, Panorama point.

Matheran is filled with monkeys all around trying to snatch anything and everything they can eat, one will find monkeys roaming around like dogs do in the cities. A strange but funny incident happened when a monkey snatched a bag from one of our colleague's hands and ran away, but few of our brave guys followed it, finally the monkey climbed atop a tree with only taking one biscuit packet out of the 4-5 packets in that bag. The bag was safe and sound back with the owner. The remaining tour still remained incident-free.

The way back was kicked off after a lunch at some place in the market area, the food being pathetic my memory gives way for remembering its name. A filled stomach and Blurring noon sun, we were off to the Dasturi check point to catch a taxi back to the Nerul Station. We just missed a local train back to Mumbai by 3 -4 minutes and had to wait for another hour for the next train.

The journey back was filled with memories from the trip and incidents that occurred on the trip. This trip would certainly be at the back of our minds when we return back to our life in the corporate world and rejoice the memories when we would miss each other !!!

To reach Matheran: (From Mumbai)
  • By Road: Take the Mumbai-Nashik Highway and turn the diversion for Nerul which lies about 100 km off Mumbai.
  • By Rail: Board a local train from Dadar to Karjat or Khopoli, get down at Nerul Station after Ambernath .. take a cab to Matheran or the toy trains exclusive services
    • Cab Fare: Rs 60 - 100 depending upon the day.. generally Maruti Vans etc..
    • Toy train Fare : Rs 32 - General Class / Rs 170 - First Class

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Yuvraj Strikes and strikes heavy

Watching Yuvraj play against England that day was like a dream!! He was on fire and the ball was flying everywhere on the ground. No fielder could do anything..the ball just kept flying over.. Awesome video.. Goes into the books with style..

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A day of life in Mumbai..

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My day in Mumbai begins with the Nokia phone besides my pillow ringing in full volume to try and break that beautiful sleep and dream in progress. With an irritating chime to wake me up from the weirdest sleep, i scamper around to search that disturbing sound. The moment I snooze the alarm, my eyes are again shut with the thoughts that i will get up in 5 mins again.. yup the snooze works for 10 mins but being an true indian need to keep that time integrity of 5 mins...
The best part being that the cell phone does not restrict you to the number of snoozes u can enable with the alarm.. When i finally don't get up.. dad has to then finally wake me up after 20 mins.. thats when I realize that I am late ..!!
Going through the daily morning chores and getting on the table for breakfast is the next ultimate goal.. ready in 30 mins its time to strap up the laces to go out on a literal war... a war cry before leaving out of house completes it..
The first signs of a war starts at the bus stop where a few other people alongwith me are waiting to be lucky and try and board the next bus that would take them to the railway station. The bus arrives at the bus stop... no one moves a step.. neither on the bus stop nor in the bus.. theres no place to get in the bus, ultimately 3 people are already struggling on the doors. A look at the watch and a small curse in their minds all people on the stop look at the road for another bus to arrive. "maybe that might be empty" is what everyone wishes for.. Another 10 mins & 2 buses zoom past the bus stop as the driver has assumed that no one would even try to get in and no sense in stopping the bus.
A 3rd bus arrives which has some space left in its steps to accommodate a couple of persons. Me and one more lucky guy got the chance to stand in the door and somehow manage to get to the railway station.. You seriously got to believe your luck, in case you happen to stand in the door and sway according to the G-Force acting upon you and successfully reaching your destination..
Well, this was half done.. The big challenge stands in front of you now,
the local train.

I happen to wait on the platform for the 8.10 Churchgate Fast, the train timing which I generally prefer to take. Amidst several others waiting for the train which is already late is a good experience, to watch each one of them getting ready for the jump they have to take to secure a comfortable place in the train, its somewhat resembles to soldiers loading their guns before the actual attack takes place.. Suddenly theres this voice on the speakers on the platform blurring and trying to tell something, the lady voice which ultimately announces of the arrival of the 8.10 train to be on the opposite platform than the regular one. To even lessen the pain, the voice apologizes to the travelers for the inconvenience caused because of the sudden change of platform, which I find strange because it has become common. First you change the platform and then apologize...

Finally, I happen to arrive on the respective platform somehow managing the thronged crowds on the already small overhead bridges meant to commute between the various platforms. The train arrives by the time I reach the respective coach position.. The juggling with the persons in front of you while running for your respective coach gives a good aerobic session early in the morning..

As soon as the train chugs in, the people on the platform jump into the coaches to catch a seat, in most cases there are no seats vacant, thanks to the people already travelling from the earlier stations.. Eventually, one needs to get in between the standing position between the seats so as to avoid himself from being eembodied in the rush that would be gathering in the gangway in the consecutive stations.

I somehow got hold of my bag which was caught hold in the struggling people trying to enter the train. I almost got successfuly past the gangway and stood just at its corner, still observing other commuters scrampling through the door.

Within 5 minutes the train started out with a thump, giving a jerk to everyone standing. As soon as the train starts, everyone's hands raise a gesture praying to the almighty, maybe in an attempt to help them reach their destination succesfully.

Standing in the local train is very much similar to an exercise, with adjusting at every moment according to the movements of the train as well as the people surrounding me. Nevertheless to mention, the fans which never work help you to sweat out like water flowing in mumbai during the monsoons. I happen sweat out in litres during this workout session..

After bearing it all for 40 - 50 minutes, I do manage to get a seat and relax a bit, only to my amazement that my destination station is the next 2nd station... Losing good number of calories is a good start to the mornings in one's life in Mumbai...
To be Contd...

Friday, August 31, 2007

Be a pencil...

I would like to post a story about a small boy and his grandmother, with his grandmother suggesting him to be like a pencil..
This story was discussed by a prof of ours and with due respect and no intention to harm the author of the original story, i would list the qualities of pencil here..

The Grandmother wanted the boy to be like a pencil.. the qualities of it..
1st : You are capable of great things, but you must never forget that there is a hand guiding your steps. We call that hand God, and he always guides us according to His will.

2nd: Now and then, I have to stop writing and use a sharpener. That makes the pencil suffer a little, but afterwards, he's much sharper. So you, too must learn to bear certain pains and sorrows, because they will make you a better person.

3rd: The pencil always allows us to use an eraser to rub out any mistakes. This means that correcting something we did is not necessarily a bad thing; it helps us on the road to justice.

4th: What really matters in a pencil is not its wooden exterior, but the graphite inside. So always pay attention to what is happening inside you.

5th: It always leaves a mark. In just the same way, you should know that everything you do in life will leave a mark, so try to be conscious of that in your every action.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Devil's Workshop...

The human mind never stops working. It keeps churning out some odd, some good thoughts all the time 24*7*365. Even when you are sleeping the mind has its own workshop churning out thoughts in the form of dreams. These thoughts are not at intentional but if one is bound to think and ponder on it, the thoughts may be seriously affective on ones behaviour.... The label hence "Empty minds are Devils workshops"..

Empty minds can generate thoughts on a particular incident occured or intended to be occuring in the near future. Strategic consultants in any organization are said to be stressing on this power of the human mind to put up strange ideas which could eventually work out for the organization. The content purely, according to me, depends on the intentions of a person.

Imagine this, you had a small brawl with a good friend of yours, the very night thoughts start sprunging up in your mind citing all the possibilities of your fight and the consequences or in the other case you might eventually find your friend coming up to you the next day for apologizing. The thoughts came to your mind only when you were free from other thoughts.

Even imagine a case, where you think a person is cheating on you can be provoked in your thoughts in an empty mind state. In this case, you might come with strange solutions and sometimes even destructive. In the end, you might come to know that, that person never tried to cheat on you but your empty mind intended to think so. This may create negative energies between you and that person. But in this case, thers a catch too, you might think that if that person was really cheating, it was good that you thought about it in its early stages.

Now, the motive of this post would be to be aware of the state of an empty mind and eventually think twice before any step is taken on the basis of the output from the devils workshop !!

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Sixth Sense

People say many people in this world have been blessed with the sixth sense, especially women. Sixth sense would in short mean the intuition of things that can happen in near future. Remember Final Destination I, II & III.. all based on intuitions i.e. sixth sense. This is something which cannot be developed but can it be nutured to make efficient utilisation of it ? or why does actually a person has intuitions, is there any strong reason behind it ?
Some people even refer it to as deja vu, a phenomenon which makes you feel that a certain incident has also occured in the past.
An intuition can have different perspectives. For e.g. Final destination had people who ignored the person who had those intuitions but the one getting those took it seriously and acted accordingly. Would a person in real life take his/her intuitions seriously and act upon it to maybe save a thousand lives ??
A intuition is quite short but as against shown in the hollywood flick. You even might get a deja vu which is persistent only for a small period of time and if you realise its importance you can concentrate on it..
But why do people get intuitions ?? I would surely like to know more bout this and post it as and when i get information on it..

Thursday, April 12, 2007


Let me start this post by saying that 'Man is a social animal'. Well, that produces a very big base for me to write on but would like to write on 'Trust' - the perceptional thing present in the minds of the people that very much helpsin keeping persons together. A person might be very social but intuitively maintins a respective trust level with all of them. He might hold loads or high levels of trust for a particular person, and at the same time little or none for the other person. But at the same time it may not be necessary that he is not social or he does not talk to the person he does not trust.

Trust in an individuals mind builds upon several factors. Time, would at 80% of the cases, be the most critical factor which helps building the rapport between persons. The more time they spend together, the more they know each other and thus building or destroying the trust within them. But in exceptions even time does not help building the trust.

One more factor which can have a considerable weightage is the trust shown or put in by the other person. The simple assurance that the person in front of you shows faith in you will affect the faith you show in him/her. This fact makes it much controversial, in the sense that you might not put in the same trust in a person because you think that person does not trust you, but that person also might think the same way that you dont trust him. There comes a communication gap or a mind block !!

Trust takes the past very much in consideration, say, a person did not show trust on a particular past event, a fact which will deter you from trusting that person again !! Unless that person is your one of your loved ones !!

Summarizing it : -

=> Trust is a base on which you place foundations of a healthy or otherwise relationships.

The base if strong leads to a great realtionship to last a lifetime and I would like to assert the existence of a limit line evrytime & which if you pass in a relationship, it might hurt & a wound which will remain till the end !! Remember your best friend whom you will trust everytime giving credit to the time you'll had together, the trust he/she had in you & past events where that person was along everytime !!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Need, Its Power & the Feelings

As humans, we always have a need.. everytime we fulfill our basic needs, we always crave for higher n higher needs.. Need can defined as the 'physiological or pyschological requirement for the well-being of an organism'. I would define every need as possessing some strange power hidden within. Power, in this case, would be the power of this need that can affect the feelings of a human. This power is a pure perception of the human mind, but holds reasonable accolades with respect to the feelings attached with the need.

Complex..?? Naah.. For keeping it simple, every need can be either satifisfied or would require some time to fulfill. For eg. A need like buying a chocolate, you might have a specific need for Cadbury but because of Stock out, you might end up buying a Kit – kat rather. In this example, the need of a Cadbury had very little power and could not affect your feelings because of may be you could do away with the other option available, Kit – Kat. Also, This need was fulfilled very quickly due to its easy availability & also available options. Wow.. that was simple, isn’t it.. Cadbury nahin toh Kit Kat hi sahi… But figure this out…
You like a girl, oh.. I cannot say she is a need, but to respect the scope of this chimera let me say she is your need. Is there any alternative?? Probably not incase you care for her very much. Well what happens in this case, the power of your need is so much that it affects your feelings. This need if not fulfilled will surely affect the feelings. In other words, the more the power of the need, want or desire, the more the affect seen on the feelings attached to it.

For better functionality of the explanation, I provided a need for a girl you like, the same may be expressed for a need, say, a car, a laptop, also would carry the similar power ranges. For me, they would be certainly below than the power of the need expressed in the example.

Finally, stressing again on saying that Power of the need is a pure perception of the mind which affects the Feelings attached with that particular need. Alternatives to a particular need would always help keep down the power of that need, which would indeed help in keeping the Feelings low.

But does every Need have alternatives.. !!

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Writing to my blog after almost a month, but found quite a strange topic to write on.. This topic has been lingering around in my mind from quite some time now.. I would like to share my thoughts on Expectations - the only thing that one expects out of the person in front of him, and which can change the whole relation.

"Expectation" - One word which has the capability to change the thinking of a person with regards to another person.... Expectations can change the whole perspective of the relation that the person has with the person in front.

Expectations are always present in the human mind.. A person always unknowingly expects the person in front of him/her to behave in a certain manner..

When was the last time you did expect something from a person ? You might not remember it.. Its natural... It could be friend of yours cursing you for not calling up for the past 2 days.. it could be you who was expecting a call from a friend but doesnt in the end turn up...

Does that make you think what could have made him/her not call you up ?? The next day you might end up shouting at that person for not calling.. In every case, its not possible to shout at the other person... In this example, I took a very simple case in almost everybodies life.. But somewhere this expectation carries a weight with it..

Another example might be, Your boss expected from you to complete a specific task, if u complete it or not eitherways it shows up directly on your impression on your boss..

Expectations always come in bundles, you never know .. These bundles are sometimes small thus not affecting the relation, but the otherways affecting you or your relationship with the person you kept your expectations on.

Expectations sometimes kill good relations !! Never Expect Anything out of your relationship with others !! Never expect a friend to act in a particular manner unless otherways .. The best relation, according to me, would be between the persons who do not expect anything from each other..!! Thats the best way to a strong relationship..!!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Herbi to Carni...

"Just Try it" were my best friend's common statement to me whenever we used to dine outside. Before the clock chimed for the advent of the new year, I was a pure herbi..a puuuuure veggie.. I loved being one, and my friends hated me being one... My friend always said that If i try once i wont forget it again..
One fine day, I tasted chicken and to my amazement ... it was amaaazin... "phew!" exclaimed my friend who had been tryin to do this since years... I had finally tasted chicken and could very well now call myself a carnivore....
Going back to the time when I was a veggie, the mere thoughts of one killing the chicken always frightened me and detered me from that lovely food..
Chicken, now, I think is really tasty and finally can conclude why people are crazy after it... Starting with chicken, i still dont know what I might taste tommorrow.. and would love that too...
As of now, I am freaking out on chicken, trying out the various delicacies available.. my mom has already gone berserk on the news of this.. but concluding that chicken is amazin..
Somebody Stop me..!!!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Surfing Blues ! ! !

The internet is a lovely source of information.. It was the best thing happened in the field of technology.. It is now a month that I am trying belch out information from the biggest reservoirs of information.. Phew!! The internet, now, according to me is divided in to parts, one for orkutting and the other for the information that I am trying to search.. As far as orkutting is concerned, hours put together be less.. Ha ha.. nevertheless, hours put together also for finding out the required information also can be too less, but with one major difference..
You dont need to count the time you worked, because you always look at the watch and plead for the time to pass away faster.. On the other hand, we could only hope that the world comes to a stop for a while you are busy orkutting...
I am in a stage today where for the purpose of completing my project on market research I have already filtered through 300 supplier sites.. and never know how many still to go.. I am on the verge of becoming a expert at moving my index finger on the laptop.. ha ha.. please spare me of your thoughts at this..!!
Hope to find out the required data through the vast source and complete my project on time...

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


" Hasi ne labon pe thirakna chhod diya..
khwabo ne palko pe aana chhod diya..

Nahi aati ab toh hichkiya bhi..
Shayad aapne hume yaad karna chhod diya..." - Anonymous

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Right to Love .. ?

" Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails. "

As said by my friend and friends who have or had been in love..." The world is said to be different, the air smells more mesmerising, the environment around you becomes more interesting, you start smiling at the persons you used to hate, you think of nothing but that lovely person you have in life. In all, it gives you a new reason of you coming into existence into this now a lovely & then interesting world "

Felt happy for them...

... Nevertheless, a time arrived when it was exactly the reverse when they had broken up. The world had like come to a stop for them, which changes a lot of things in their lives... but you never stop living, do you ?
So, what does actually justifies love ? or more rightly said let me try expressing a thought on the Right to love...

"Jaane kyun log pyar karte hain.." a song which had Aamir khan singing in Dil chahta hai, very well clicks my mind when I observe instances like these... but in the movie end he still falls in love and expecting the perfect end, they lived happily ever after..

But that was reel life !!!

Coming to real life, one of my very good friend also fell in love with a girl citing the co-incidence of studying in the same college. He liked her and had also conveyed his thoughts to her efficiently, they were even good friends so the communication didnt take much efforts.. but in the end, it couldnt be a better story to tell..

He broke up badly, he couldnt forget her and failed miserably at the exams... Was he a perfect human ?

Yep.. you read it right.. Humans...

As humans, we have been endowed upon the right to express yourself, the freedom for expression but not fully the right to love someone..

By asserting on right to love, I mean that the right that the individual has to love a person, despite knowing the fact that he/she would break down if that person does not repond in an expected manner..

In other words, does an individual have right to trouble himself by falling in love for that person...

Back to the example cited, my friend, loved someone dearly but was not repaid in a similar manner, so did he have the right to love her.. But that surely did hurt him, and finally cursed himself for falling in love with that person..

Also, thinking from the other side, we cant annihilate the right expressed by his love, the girl..can we ?

So who decides the right to love of an individual...
Maybe we need to pay attention to statements like "Love is blind"...
or ultimately saying the soul of a person and/or finally to god.. And as usual leave it to god hoping that whatever he does is for our betterment..

"We never get what we want, We never want what we get, We never have what we like, We never like what we have. Still we live, still we love and still we hope, This is Life" - Anonymous

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Inplant Training

According to the rules to be followed as laid down by the curriculum at Indo German (ohh.. thats where I am doing my PG) we have an inplant training in various selected companies, for a period of 6 months broken down into 2 months each, after every semester..
Sounds cool.. ISnt it? Being practical while still studying can be really cool...
I got a company in Pune (ohh god.. away from home !!) into the automotive sector. As asked during the interview I have been placed in the marketing dept.. hope to apply some of the knowledge gained in the first sem in actual world...
I have got a market research assignment !!! seems to really good...
Hopin for the best.. need to finish by feb 28th... coz college starting on 1st Mar (aaargh!!!)
Wishing all people out ther best of luck! ! and me tooo...


This is my first blog and would like to write something about myself first...
This is Chirag, from Mumbai, who is currently doing a P.G.D in Business Administration from Indo german training centre, mumbai...
My grads are in engineering and had thought of getting some industry experience before I actually did a PG..
I am very fond of listening to music, and can spend my whole day listening to music.. you can say a big time music freak..My other hobbies would be hanging out with friends, and that hanging place could be anywhere in this whole world...
I love surfing the net and orkut is my latest addiction, cant stay without it..
Thats all i can say for a introduction supposedly to be short...