Thursday, April 12, 2007


Let me start this post by saying that 'Man is a social animal'. Well, that produces a very big base for me to write on but would like to write on 'Trust' - the perceptional thing present in the minds of the people that very much helpsin keeping persons together. A person might be very social but intuitively maintins a respective trust level with all of them. He might hold loads or high levels of trust for a particular person, and at the same time little or none for the other person. But at the same time it may not be necessary that he is not social or he does not talk to the person he does not trust.

Trust in an individuals mind builds upon several factors. Time, would at 80% of the cases, be the most critical factor which helps building the rapport between persons. The more time they spend together, the more they know each other and thus building or destroying the trust within them. But in exceptions even time does not help building the trust.

One more factor which can have a considerable weightage is the trust shown or put in by the other person. The simple assurance that the person in front of you shows faith in you will affect the faith you show in him/her. This fact makes it much controversial, in the sense that you might not put in the same trust in a person because you think that person does not trust you, but that person also might think the same way that you dont trust him. There comes a communication gap or a mind block !!

Trust takes the past very much in consideration, say, a person did not show trust on a particular past event, a fact which will deter you from trusting that person again !! Unless that person is your one of your loved ones !!

Summarizing it : -

=> Trust is a base on which you place foundations of a healthy or otherwise relationships.

The base if strong leads to a great realtionship to last a lifetime and I would like to assert the existence of a limit line evrytime & which if you pass in a relationship, it might hurt & a wound which will remain till the end !! Remember your best friend whom you will trust everytime giving credit to the time you'll had together, the trust he/she had in you & past events where that person was along everytime !!

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