Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Sixth Sense

People say many people in this world have been blessed with the sixth sense, especially women. Sixth sense would in short mean the intuition of things that can happen in near future. Remember Final Destination I, II & III.. all based on intuitions i.e. sixth sense. This is something which cannot be developed but can it be nutured to make efficient utilisation of it ? or why does actually a person has intuitions, is there any strong reason behind it ?
Some people even refer it to as deja vu, a phenomenon which makes you feel that a certain incident has also occured in the past.
An intuition can have different perspectives. For e.g. Final destination had people who ignored the person who had those intuitions but the one getting those took it seriously and acted accordingly. Would a person in real life take his/her intuitions seriously and act upon it to maybe save a thousand lives ??
A intuition is quite short but as against shown in the hollywood flick. You even might get a deja vu which is persistent only for a small period of time and if you realise its importance you can concentrate on it..
But why do people get intuitions ?? I would surely like to know more bout this and post it as and when i get information on it..

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