Thursday, July 12, 2007

Devil's Workshop...

The human mind never stops working. It keeps churning out some odd, some good thoughts all the time 24*7*365. Even when you are sleeping the mind has its own workshop churning out thoughts in the form of dreams. These thoughts are not at intentional but if one is bound to think and ponder on it, the thoughts may be seriously affective on ones behaviour.... The label hence "Empty minds are Devils workshops"..

Empty minds can generate thoughts on a particular incident occured or intended to be occuring in the near future. Strategic consultants in any organization are said to be stressing on this power of the human mind to put up strange ideas which could eventually work out for the organization. The content purely, according to me, depends on the intentions of a person.

Imagine this, you had a small brawl with a good friend of yours, the very night thoughts start sprunging up in your mind citing all the possibilities of your fight and the consequences or in the other case you might eventually find your friend coming up to you the next day for apologizing. The thoughts came to your mind only when you were free from other thoughts.

Even imagine a case, where you think a person is cheating on you can be provoked in your thoughts in an empty mind state. In this case, you might come with strange solutions and sometimes even destructive. In the end, you might come to know that, that person never tried to cheat on you but your empty mind intended to think so. This may create negative energies between you and that person. But in this case, thers a catch too, you might think that if that person was really cheating, it was good that you thought about it in its early stages.

Now, the motive of this post would be to be aware of the state of an empty mind and eventually think twice before any step is taken on the basis of the output from the devils workshop !!

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