We humans are built in such a way that we do whatever we like to do. The control of our behaviour comes from our mind, which translates into actions and reverbs into feelings. Feelings which can be bad, good excellent for the third person. We human's have always and always need someone around us, in the shape of parents, friends, life partner's etc.

Actions and words that we speak from our mind, may not many a times necessary that we meant to speak or do, but these actions cause harm lot of times to the person who is in front of us. We might not understand what our actions might do to that person unless until we REALIZE them. Once we realize them we are sure to avoid those actions to avoid hurting people and maintain healthy relationships.

This page is an effort to REALIZE the actions we do in our daily lives and take an effort to minimize the reverberations of the same. Realize   Rethink  &  React !!

With Regards,