Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Surfing Blues ! ! !

The internet is a lovely source of information.. It was the best thing happened in the field of technology.. It is now a month that I am trying belch out information from the biggest reservoirs of information.. Phew!! The internet, now, according to me is divided in to parts, one for orkutting and the other for the information that I am trying to search.. As far as orkutting is concerned, hours put together be less.. Ha ha.. nevertheless, hours put together also for finding out the required information also can be too less, but with one major difference..
You dont need to count the time you worked, because you always look at the watch and plead for the time to pass away faster.. On the other hand, we could only hope that the world comes to a stop for a while you are busy orkutting...
I am in a stage today where for the purpose of completing my project on market research I have already filtered through 300 supplier sites.. and never know how many still to go.. I am on the verge of becoming a expert at moving my index finger on the laptop.. ha ha.. please spare me of your thoughts at this..!!
Hope to find out the required data through the vast source and complete my project on time...

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