Sunday, September 20, 2009

Bad roads !!

A road with full of pits also leads to discomfort in a relationship

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Mumbai, the financial capital of India and my hometown has one thing which discomforts and irritates all of its inhabitants - the roads - are full of pits/trenches. The shock absorbers of any vehicle are completed put to a test to ensure a smooth ride. But we cannot in any way build better shock abs and hence and should thus try and built better roads. Better roads are built by an efficient spend on infrastructure, use of the perfect materials and minimal corruption! While reading this you must be wondering as to what I am trying to reach to !! I am putting ahead the similarity between the two - relationship and bad roads !

A relationship - may whatever it may be - siblings, friends, bf/gfs - they dont matter, they all take the same road. The road in the relationship completely dictates the comfort that one would be in the relationship. It completely depends on the way the vehicle is driven !! There are ways of driving the relationship - you either take it slow over the pits thus ensuring minimum discomfort, or you simple steer to avoid those pitfalls. There is also one more method which you wouldnt want to take which is driving fast anyhow the road maybe which would be disastrous for the vehicle as well as the passengers !!

A relationship is a very tender, cannot bear major disturbances while in journey. Once you go through a bad stretch, one will and should ensure that it (the pits) are avoided next time or the vehicle is slowed down to great extent! Once a relationship is through a turbulence, the vehicle has to be pulled back to its normal speed with great efforts - shifting to lower gears and pulling it back to normal speed. The relationship also thus goes to the base where it started from and has to be pulled up from the lower gears to higher speeds !! So as mentioned above, the roads must be built with efficient spend on the infrastructure and good materials, ensures that the roads are built for the future..

Though the road authorities claim that only 3% of the accidents on the road are due to bad roads, I feel the number would be much higher than that because of Bad Roads !! Happiness is where you get smooth and pit-free roads in life !!

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Ashutosh said...

Nice parallel that you have drawn here... keep probing...