Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Anger management

The Bee, a small creature teaches a lot to the human kind

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Anger is one thing which a human brings with himself right from birth. The only difference between two people would be the degree to which each person can control their anger before doing a 'blitz kreig' or say, can reach their threshold of being patient. A human, when he gets angry, does not realize the harm that he would be or have caused to the person in front of him. The degree of this harm can depend on the person in front at that time. Does a person in anger would realize what has he done ? Can he take some learnings from a small creature that god has created better known as the "bee" ?

A bee or a wasp can sting a human, which can harm the human a lot based on the power of the bee sting which has been described at different levels of pain by famous entomologists (for further reading refer Schmidt Sting Pain Index). A common bee sting can create an inflammation of the skin. A further point to be noticed is that when a honey bee stings, she is almost dead. Hence, a bee can sting only once in her life or in other words, the bee has to control her anger so that she can save herself by not stinging someone !! In turn a bee harming someone else, she harms herself more than the other !!

Doesnt that ring a bell in your human mind ?? It surely did when I came across this fact. Applying this fact to humans, a human should take care of not hurting anyone when in anger because he is in turn hurting himself more than the other. The other person might feel the pain of the sting but when it comes to one who is angry s/he might have hurt him/herself more and would have a hard time to
over come it.

So in simple terms, a bee teaches us that our anger should be managed well enough so that it does not hurt our relationship with others, not only because it hurts the relationship but it hurts our own souls more than the other person. Beware the next time when you get angry !!!

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hey dis one was really good.... d fact which u hav mentioned was not known...