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Does the way in which the worlds perceives you matter at all ?

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Perception, to define it in simple words, would be the way someone perceives another being to be. His/her characteristics, behaviour, good points, bad points are all stored in the minds of the audience based on previous instances. Once those are stored, they always are refreshed when that person is back in front of them. To change one's perception is very difficult - thats what people say.

"First Impression is the Last impression" is always the phrase repeated by many professors to their students to help them understand that once the impression is created in the mind, theres very little scope to change that again. Many many people in this world feel that one has to be himself / herself and not copy anyone else's traits. I do not completely disagree that, but at the end of the day it matters a lot when it comes to interaction with the world. The world would make a big picture about your character, positives, negatives etc and will always keep an impression in his/her mind. The next time you meet the same person, he already knows the way you behave and the way you socialize. Let me take an example, I am known to be a short tempered person, yeah theres still a divide on this within the social circle I am with most of the times. But those who have perceived me to be a short-tempered person will always ensure they dont cross the lines when being with me. Now personally I feel, I have very much overcome that short - temperedness (whatever it took me to realize, read Anger Management) Even today when a person meets me it has always been to my notice, that s/he still feels I havent done my lessons properly. Its all about perception. It might be atmost difficult to change a perception that has been bred in the minds for quite a long time now.

Imagine people going for an interview, the first impression is the last impression truly. The way you approach situations, problems is answered in the perception created in the interviewer's mind and yes of course, thats created by you itself, Isnt it ? Once you are done with the interview, you might get a feedback that you might be expecting but something that would not be expecting. The strangest thing would be to create such a perception to the interviewer which might not be the case - the so called wrong-impression.

Till today, It hasnt been possible to read peoples mind and possibly change the way they think about you as a person. The only way one can change the perception is to change the thinking method that one employs. Put yourself in the person's position and assess your behaviour - a best and the only method according to me for introspection. Perception cannot be destroyed, but can be modified and at the end of the day, I think its the way the world looks towards you as a person which matters the most and not that of the "man in the mirror" !!!

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